Prasol... Ukr., “a small dealer mainly of dried fish and salt”. Old Rus., “a buyer-up, profiteer” (Novgorod, the first chronicle, 1403). (M. Fasmer etymological dictionary of Russian language)

Globenatural Internacional S.A.

Globenatural Internacional S.A.
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GLOBENATURAL International SA is a pioneer in the industry of natural colors of Peru, operating under the ISO 9001-2008 standard, our main objective is to quality improvement and innovation of our products (Dyes / Pigments).

We formulate several varieties of natural dyes, made by request, the colors are not developed by a single extraction of colors.

Please contact us on projects or requests you have!


We offer the following products:


1. Colorantes Derived from cochineal:

  • Carmine
  • Acid Carminic

2. Colorantes Annatto:

  • Bixina
  • Norbixin
  • Purple Corn -Colorantes:
    • Anthocyanin.

3. Derivatives of the Red Cabbage and Curcuma.

4. Mixes


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Jennifer Cueva C.

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Globenatural Internacional S.A.

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