A large group of Russian merchants, for example, Novgorod prasols, earned their living mainly by Hanse salt resale. (E.Kleynenberg, Prasol association in Velikiy Novgorod in the XIV—XV centuries)

Globenatural Internacional S.A.

Globenatural Internacional S.A.
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GLOBENATURAL International SA is a pioneer in the industry of natural colors of Peru, operating under the ISO 9001-2008 standard, our main objective is to quality improvement and innovation of our products (Dyes / Pigments).

We formulate several varieties of natural dyes, made by request, the colors are not developed by a single extraction of colors.

Please contact us on projects or requests you have!


We offer the following products:


1. Colorantes Derived from cochineal:

  • Carmine
  • Acid Carminic

2. Colorantes Annatto:

  • Bixina
  • Norbixin
  • Purple Corn -Colorantes:
    • Anthocyanin.

3. Derivatives of the Red Cabbage and Curcuma.

4. Mixes


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Globenatural Internacional S.A.

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