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Shanghai Dongsheng Food Co., Ltd

Shanghai Dongsheng Food Co., Ltd


             Dear  Manager / R&D manager

Good day !


First let me introduce our company and our products. We are the professional manufacture company for Transglutaminase (TG) based in China. Transglutaminase (TG)  is an enzyme with the cross-link ability to  improve the physical properties of various foods containing proteins such as the texture, resilience, lengthening the time of storage and the taste of the food? It's safe to be widely used in food industries?

What we offer?

1. TG-B series ---- All kind of emulsion based meat processing products such as sausages, ham, meatball, Hotdog etc
2. TG-GB series -- restructure meat products, beef steak, pork steak, chicken, fish , bacon etc
3. TG-K series --- Surimi based value added products
4. TG-F Series --  baking products such as loaf bread, noodles
5. TG-M Series --- Dairy products, cheese, set yoghurt
6. TG-D serious --- Tofu products ( tofu made by ISP and made by soybean)
7. High activity TG for blended (500-600 u/g), (1000-1100 u/g), (2000-2100 u/g), (3000-3100 u/g) etc.


Advantage to use TG products for meat processing:

1. Improve resilience, elasticity and texture of final products.
2. Increase water retention capacity.
3. Create strong bonds between meat proteins.
4. Increase the gel strength of products.
5. Fermented Sausages reach slice-able condition in shorter time.
6. Transform worthless ground meat into large piece of meat.
7. Easy to handle etc

Advantage to use TG products for tofu:

1. Produce a new type of vegetarian food with high protein, low fat and low carbon-hydrates.
2. Endow with special Q-kind firmness and elasticity.
3. Be super in soup absorption, juiciness.

Advantage to use TG products for bread:

1. Makes better quality bread
2. Makes dough easy to process
3. Improveswheat flour resistance ability
4. Reduces the addition of inorganic chemicals
We are the ISO, HACCP, HALAL, KOSHER, MUI HALAL certificate holder company.  

If you  have any questions about the application please don't hesitate to contact me  via telephone or e-mail at any time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards
Jeevan Thapa  ---Sales Manager
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